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In 2010, our club will support two all-canary clubs that sponsor an American Singer canary division during their annual show.  We choose these two particular shows because some of our members are also members of the clubs putting on these shows and we want to encourage more American Singer exhibitions in the Southern States.

See the Show Rules.


  • October    Lone Star State Canary Club
  •   Check back for details


  • December     Florida Canary Fanciers
  •  Check back for details




  1. American Singer canaries are officially registered in the show when the American Singer Division Secretary records the entries.  It is the exhibitor’s (or their agent’s) responsibility to get them to that Secretary.
  2. American Singers’ registration ends an hour before closing the evening before judging, unless special arrangements are made with the American Singer Division Manager.
  3. Only birds wearing closed AS bands may be entered and the bands must be registered with the ASC under the exhibitor’s name.  No additional bands are allowed on a bird.
  4. Birds wearing this year's bands will be judged in "young" classes. All others will be judged in "old" classes.
  5. Classes will have 5-8 birds with 7 being the preferred number. The judge may grant permission for some classes to have 9 birds.
  6. All judging will be completed one hour prior to Awards Ceremony.  The Judge and American Singer Division Manager will decide together the best way to handling all entries and classes to give each bird a fair time before the judge in the American Singer Division.  Judging times and classes will be posted at 11:30 PM Friday.
  7. Judging will begin no later than 9:00 AM but can start earlier dependent on the number of entries and the time required to judge all American Singers.
  8. Standard American Singer show cages must be used.   The following items apply to cage setup:
    • Plain white paper cut straight to fit within the cage bottom.
    • Glass or plastic, clear or frosted, cage cups.  Both cups must be the same.
    • Only clear water (no colored water) is permitted in the water cup.  When looking at the cage door, water goes on the right.
    • Canary/rape seed mix or pellets are permitted in the food cup.  When looking at the cage door, food goes on the left.
    • The American Singer Division Manager will provide pipe cleaners to secure the bottom tray.  No other fastening methods are permitted.
    • The cage tag must be attached at the joint of the leftmost vertical bar and middle crossbar of the cage front (when looking at cage front door).  Once entries are registered with the Secretary, the cage tags may NOT be opened by anyone until all judging is completed and winners are announced.
    • Two top perches and one feeder perch, size and wood type per AS standards.
  9. No identifying marks of any kind are allowed on cages, such as special color paint, special perches or cups, tags, breeder’s cards, etc.  The American Singer Division Manager will assist exhibitors, when possible, to correct any non-standard item, thereby helping the exhibitor complete registration. 
  10. The American Singer Division Manager reserves the right to reject or remove any entry that shows signs of injury, excessive stress, illness, or disease.
  11. Care and well being of American Singer registered entries:
    • Stewards will provide food and water to birds in the holding area as needed.  Exhibitors may service cages only after all judging is completed.
    • The show staff is not responsible for birds that are shipped to the show. The agent who registers the birds is responsible for them until they are registered.  The agent is responsible for getting any awards or prizes back to the owner. It is recommended that such parties put their agreement in writing.
    • The sponsoring club, the host club, and their members are NOT responsible for loss or damage by any cause.  Participation in the show and competition are strictly at the exhibitor’s sole risk.
  12. No cage or bird will be removed or checked out until all judging is complete.
  13. The decision of the judge is final.
  14. The American Singer Division Manager is in charge of the American Singer Division and reserves the right to resolve any issues or conflicts, to make any additional rule or regulation necessary for the success of the American Singer exhibition. 



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