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Our officers are elected to serve the club and guide the activities of the membership.

Brenda Varhola President
  •  Birmingham, Alabama

I thought that canaries were just yellow birds that tweeted until I purchased one at a pet shop.  I was amazed that his song sounded like there were ten different birds in one cage.  When he died and I contacted a breeder of American Singers to get a replacement I got much more than a canary.  The man I contacted was Roger Stroman, who took pride in raising American Singers with the classic AS sound.  I purchased three pairs from him and started my adventure in raising and exhibiting AS canaries.  He was always willing to answer my questions, no matter how basic or how complex and share his experience and advice freely.  I joined the Cleveland AS Chapter and, armed with enthusiasm and lots of ideas, soon became their President. 

The canary hobby has given me great joy, and has not only been very interesting, but has led me to many friendships with people that I would not have met otherwise.  I love sharing the hobby with others, and developed a website to promote AS as a pet.  Visit it and enjoy the sound clips from some of my male singers.

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Ninez Giles Vice President and Show Manager
  •  Nashville, Tennessee

I discovered I was a canary lover during a weekend visit to a friend of mine who had just purchased a little singer from a pet store.  I was so taken by the little fellow that I decided that as soon as I got back home, I was getting a bird.  Within a week, I had my first canary.  

I joined the local bird club to meet more canary folks, but there were few canarians.  I then looked further and decided to attend the National Cage Bird Show to meet people and learn more about all the kinds of canaries I'd been reading about.

At the show, the Dragon chapter of the ASC presented an introductory lecture on the American Singer canary.  I recall Judy Snider explaining why the American Singer canary had it all!   What a dedicated and friendly group of people!  I signed up right away and Judy was there to help me, even though it was long distance assistance!   I found out that the bird does have it all: good looks, beautiful song and health.  What more could you want from your canary?  I learned how to breed the birds, and then I started showing them.  It has been a wonderful hobby!

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Margaret Blackmon


  •  Birmingham, Alabama

I got my first pair of canaries in June 1998. I thought ‘Oh, canaries would be easy to take care of, they don’t have to be trained to sing’.  If only I’d known that I would end up with many more and devoting many hours to them! But I love the thrill of babies hatching and waiting to see what the pairs I combine produce for me. I love listening to their beautiful songs and lively chatter as I enjoy my tea mornings and afternoons. They delight everyone who takes a few minutes and quietly listens to their cheerful songs.

I got started with American Singers thanks to my friend Ninez who introduced me to them and their beautiful songs. I bought my first pair of AS in 2002 when I attended the Texas AS Club competition in Dallas. I joined the ASC then and have been an active member since, acquiring a few more birds and breeding my own. I am still developing my stock and looking forward to our new Chapter and future competitions closer to home! I just fledged my first clutch of four into a flight and I am enjoying this season!

I look forward to serving all of you as Secretary of our newly formed ASC Chapter 43.

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Julio Valella


  •  Birmingham, Alabama

I first kept Roller canaries when I was 11 years old in my native Cuba. After my family migrated to the U.S. my Dad and I once again began keeping canaries, the then exciting “new” Red canaries. Over the years my interests grew into all the color bred, a few of the Type, and for a while Waterslaggers too. I gave up on those from lacking a club or access to competition so I became discouraged.

Today I breed and show Color, Type, and once again I’m a beginner with Song, this time American Singers!  It is a pleasure for me to share my experience and basic knowledge with all of you and I welcome all suggestions and ideas about the American Singers!

Serving all of you as our newly formed AS Chapter 43 Treasurer is a privilege and a pleasure that I take very seriously. I have some experience serving as Treasurer for other Clubs and I look forward to your help to make our Chapter financially strong and a great success for all of us.

As your Treasurer I shall keep you informed of our “Treasure”, ups & downs, as we get support from you and spend on services and benefits for you.

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